The International Cardiac Arrest Registry

Why Join INTCAR?

  • INTCAR creates a community of clinicians with the same problems and same questions!
  • INTCAR organizes and standardizes the data collection process
    • Individual centers are more thorough
    • Individual centers can compare themselves to the group’s norm
  • Because INTCAR users are dealing with cardiac arrest survivors on a daily basis, we are uniquely well acquainted with the clinical problems involved
  • To facilitate and advance your own and your institution's research efforts and priorities around cardiac arrest care

There are 4 possible levels/types of involvement in INTCAR 2.0

  • As a general member, primarily for quality improvement purposes, and to be part of the international grassroots cardiac arrest research community
  • As a researcher in a specific area.  This level of involvment means becoming part of a satellite research group, each of which have their own bylaws, meetings, requirements, and responsibilities
  • As a member of the Steering group, that develops the agenda and direction of the registry, and oversees the global research effort
  • As a funder or sponsor of the registry - this role is currently open only to nonprofit organizations