The International Cardiac Arrest Registry


The International Cardiac Arrest Registry (INTCAR) Network is a joint venture of hospitals, research societies and individuals dedicated to improving post-resuscitation care for cardiac arrest survivors.

INTCAR is a grassroots registry of centers interested in the quality & details of post-resuscitation care, including: 

  • Therapeutic hypothermia
  • ICU care
  • Cardiac support
  • Prognostication

Because our members deal with cardiac arrest survivors on a daily basis, we’re uniquely well acquainted with the clinical problems involved.


The INTCAR Network works to:

  • Gain a better understanding of the pathophysiology, process of care, and outcomes associated with cardiac arrest
  • Promote the appropriate use of standard post-resuscitation therapies and interventions by presenting continuously updated clinical outcomes and process of-care variables in a common worldwide registry
  • Identify key areas for future research
  • Bring together individuals and institutions with related resuscitation research interests and expertise
  • Organize and standardize the data collection process and Improve quality of data uploads

The International Cardiac Arrest Registry is independent, without industry affiliations.

INTCAR also aims to promote, endorse, sponsor, and arrange meetings and workshops related to target temperature management and post-resuscitation cardiac arrest care for educational and scientific purposes.