The International Cardiac Arrest Registry

INTCAR Steering Group

Organizational Structure

  • The International Cardiac Arrest Registry is directed by a Steering Group, comprised of the INTCAR administrators, representatives from high-enrolling European and American sites, representatives from the research groups (satellite surveys), two elected ad-hoc members from lower-enrolling sites, and a representative from the Neurocritical Care Society. 
  • It is the responsibility of the Steering group to ensure the quality of the data entered into the registry, and to supervise and direct all data queries, analyses, and publications. A formal publication policy exists to allow all participating sites to directly participate in the data analysis and publication process.


  • The current INTCAR administrators include:
    • Niklas Nielsen, INTCAR founder and adminsitrator for Europe
    • David Seder, INTCAR administrator for the Americas
    • Barbara Unger, INTCAR administrator for data quality and site enrollment

Meetings of the Steering Group

  • The Steering Group will meet at least annually in the United States and in Europe
  • Remote video access will be available for all Steering Group meetings to facilitate involvement by all members

Current Steering Group (Updated, September 2012)

  • Niklas Nielsen - Administrator
  • David B. Seder - Administrator
  • Barbara Unger - Administrator
  • Hans Friberg - Lund University, Sweden
  • Richard Riker - Maine Medical Center, USA
  • Mike Mooney - Minneapolis Heart Institute, USA
  • Karl Kern - Cardiology Group Representative and University of Arizona, USA
  • Felix Valsson - Landspitali University Hospital, Iceland
  • Kjetil Sunde - Oslo University Hospital, Norway
  • Sten Rubertsson - Uppsala University Hospital, Sweden
  • Pascal Stammet - Centre de Hospitalier de Luxembourg
  • Sachin Agarwal - Columbia University, New York City
  • Karen Hirsch - Stanford University